Mosgiel TKD is a nonprofit club and we have set our membership fee deliberately low to encourage people to get into Taekwon-Do and train with us. Costs are kept similar to previous years if possible, and we have a financial incentive for those who set up automatic payment provisions for payment of fees.

To join our club you must:

  1. Print and fill out the International Taekwondo Joining Application Form. If you do not have a printer please let us know and we will supply a form for you to fill out.
  2. Obtain a Do-bok (see Do-bok Training Uniform)
  3. Set up an automatic payment (see below)

The fees below are correct as of February 1st 2018. The automatic payment discount represents the administrative overheads required for manual monthly processing.

  Base rate or month by month payment Automatic payment on same day each month
1 person (adult or mini-kid) $45 $35
Immediate family (up to four) $60 $50
Family (four or more) By arrangement By arrangement

The bank account for automatic payment is 06-0901-0685158-00.

Note: In addition to the monthly payments for memebrship to our club there is also an annual subscription to ITF (our national body) required. This fee is set by the national body and payments are due at various times throughout the year for each person (on the anniversary of you joining the national body). We will advise you at least six weeks prior to your registration being due. All fees must be paid prior to any gradings or events. Please remember that fees are payable in full every month, even if you do not attend some weeks as the cost of running the club remains the same.

National body fees:

  • Initial individual registration fee renewal - $67/year
  • Annual individual national registration fee renewal (subsequent years) - $34/year
  • Annual family national registration fee renewal (subsequent years) - $67/year

The initial registration will result in you getting an introductory pack, including an ITF manual (suitable for your level, e.g. mini-kids vs. main class) and some stickers etc.


From time to time we have gradings. These are run by the national body and are an official event where students can demonstrate their knowledge. A successful grading will result in an increase in rank. Each member wishing to grade must pay the grading fee (usually to the instructor of their own club) before the grading event.

Gup of student grading Grading Fee
10th to 8th gup $55
7th to 5th gup $65
4th to 2nd gup $75

If two members from the same family are grading then there is a discount of $25 (e.g. for two 10th gups grading the total cost is $85). This can be paid by bank transfer / internet banking to the same account listed above.